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Well, fuck you too!
Lovely day for a FGDFDS

Oh god.... this is disgusting... I am glad I went in and fucking schooled the kids behind the counter about Asus and their history. :V They didn't even offer me a warranty extention... just the laptop, and I left happy. It's the best deal on the go. :3

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This is why I buy from online places if I go laptop... (then again, next time I get a lappy, it's gunna be a mac just because of the hardware.)

Also, if I go desktop again, which I probably will if my whole system explodes, I'll build it myself. No pre-installed crap, no operating system even... well, ok, I guess there's BIOS, but... you kinda need that.

Yeah... best buy is evil. I know how they work, and how they sell. I know a best buy salesman. He loves his job because he can sell people shit they don't need. "Optimization" is just one of many things they like to try to tack on.

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